What shows are popular in Chicago?

Do You Know Chicago As a Theater Mecca?

Chicago is known throughout America (and the rest of the world) for a number of things: hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, legendary sports teams, and a chilly, biting wind. However, many people probably don’t think of Chicago as being a theater Mecca.

The truth is, the Windy City is much more diverse than you might expect. Chicago hosts a number of Broadway musicals and plays every single year. Even better – we can help you find discount Chicago theater tickets anytime of the year.

What shows are popular in Chicago?

Tons! Let’s start with a few of our favorites…

The Book of Mormon: This hilarious show comes straight from the creators of South Park, and is everything you might expect from such a motley crew. Sure to keep you laughing well after you walk out of the performance, The Book of Mormon is the musical that many musical fans have been waiting years for! Let us help you find discount tickets to The Book of Mormon in Chicago.

I Love Lucy: Live on Stage: On the other end of the spectrum, we have this throwback. Many people are familiar with the antics of Lucille Ball. However, not everyone knows that her show continues to hold the record for the longest running television show in history. It’s made its premier in Chicago, and has plans to stay. However, if the Broadway show has the same popularity as the original TV show, you’ll want to snatch up your tickets ASAP!

Kinky Boots: This dramatic Broadway show is sure to take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through Northern England. Follow the story of Charlie Price and a drag performer named Lola as they revolutionize their community. Discount tickets for Kinky Boots in Chicago can be obtained through DiscountCheapTickets.com!

These are just a few of the Chicago shows that are currently running on Broadway. To find discount Broadway tickets for Chicago shows – or, any other kind of tickets – just call on us! We’re eager to help you find the very best deal in discount tickets. Let us know what you need, and we’ll deliver.

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