How to Bargain With a Scalper for Discount Tickets

Ah, scalpers. Every theater and concert fan both loves and loathes the ticket scalper. On one hand, you might be able to get a good deal. But, then again, you know that the only reason they have the tickets in the first place is because they cheated the system.

Though you might feel cheated by the ticket scalper, you can at least learn a few tips to help you score a deal off of him. Many of these ticket scalpers are experienced experts with years of ticket scalping behind their name. They aren’t just going to budge because you have a good handle on your rhetoric.

So, the main trick to know when dealing with ticket scalpers is saying the right thing at the right time. One route you might want to take is to wait as long as possible before the curtain goes up. Ticket prices might be high 45 minutes before show time. However, if you’re willing to wait until 5 minutes before show time, you might get a good deal.

Five minutes before the curtain goes up, most people have either bought their tickets and are in their seats, or they’ve decided they aren’t going. If a ticket scalper still has a few tickets on hand, then he knows that he has to either sell them for a very low price, or cut his losses, and hold onto the worthless tickets.

With those two options at hand, the vast majority of scalpers are going to opt to sell their tickets – even if it’s at a loss. Selling with a loss is better for the scalper than not selling at all. So, the trick is patience!

Just about any professional ticket scalper is going to be selling tickets in pairs. There are far more parties of two or four going to the theatre than parties of one or three. Let’s say a scalper has five tickets. He ends up selling two pairs, leaving just one ticket left.

What are the chances that one person will come along looking to buy just one ticket? Not very good, right? If you’re willing to split up your party and buy a single ticket, you might be able to get a great deal!

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