Is Broadway Training In Your Hometown?

You might not realize it, but there could be a full Broadway show happening in your hometown sometime this year? Whether you’ve been to a Broadway show in New York or caught one on tour, you know that they’re usually colossal productions. Tickets can easily cost over $100. And, the truth is, many shows (especially newer ones) have to charge high prices just to absorb the initial cost.

However, everyone’s looking to cut costs. You, the ticket buyer, are not the only one trying to save a buck! Many Broadway productions will rehearse their cast and crew outside of New York City to keep costs down. When a Broadway show leaves the Big Apple to rehearse elsewhere, the producers can save money on a number of things:

  • Housing for cast and crew
  • Food
  • Rehearsal venue rental cost and fees
  • And, much more!

There’s another added benefit for you though. When a Broadway show rehearses in your hometown, you can be almost certain that you’ll get a peak! Producers and directors love to show a “test audience” a few runs of the show. Performing in front of an audience before opening night isn’t just for the cast and crew. It’s also a great way for directors to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

While we’re more than happy to help you get discount Broadway tickets to see “the real deal” in New York City, we also want to encourage you to look into what’s happening in your own hometown.

Owensboro, Kentucky is just one small, unassuming town that has hosted a Broadway musical rehearsal. The riverfront town recently played host to Mel Brooks’ The Producers. Residents were able to go out and see a full-scale Broadway show without leaving their own town. Talk about a great deal!

Check your local paper and online Broadway musical information resources to find out where upcoming productions will be rehearsing. Because of limited availability, these tickets can end up going fast! So, when you get the scoop, go ahead and buy – you won’t regret it.

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