4 Secrets to Buying Cheap/Discount Tickets

Buying discount tickets online for concerts, plays, and sporting events is a smart decision. Ticketmaster and other major ticket distributors should be everyone’s last resort when at all possible. The truth is, the markup found through these ticket vendors is incredibly high, and you don’t have to pay their prices!

If you’re fed up with those high ticket prices, then you need to know these four secrets about buying cheap tickets. Once you know these tips and tricks that smart show goers are already enjoying, you won’t ever look back. Plus, you’ll have a lot of extra cash for buying more discount tickets!

The Four Secrets…

  1. Be Patient. Patience is a very important virtue in this game. You don’t have to buy a ticket the instant it goes on sale. In fact, if you can wait, you’ll probably be able to take advantage of some promotions that those early birds missed out on. If a show isn’t going to sell out, many ticket promoters are willing to sell remaining tickets for less – even at a loss – in order to get them off their hands. These ticket distributors would prefer to have something over nothing.
  1. Be Smart. Don’t let sales tactics or media frenzy push you into buying a ticket that will be at a lower price later on. Many show promoters will start cranking out the press releases and exclusive interviews prior to a drop in ticket prices. They know that prices are about to fall, so they want to sell as many as possible before that price drop occurs! Be aware of this fact, and don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.
  1. Buy More Than You Need. Sounds a bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Well, let us explain… if you know a show is definitely going to sell out within an hour of tickets being released, you could buy an extra pair, and later sell them for more. You’ll recoup your costs, and even profit a little – making your tickets more affordable!
  1. Know When to Say ‘No’. Sometimes, you’ve just got to know when a bad deal is a bad deal. This goes back to point number one. Say ‘no’, and something better will come along!

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