Are Those Ticketmaster Fees Legitimate?

If there’s any single organization that many concert goers and theatre fans hate, it’s Ticketmaster. Not only are ticket prices high to begin with, but then Ticketmaster tacks on five, ten, twenty dollars, or more in their own fees. What’s the deal?

Well, the truth is, in a nutshell, yes. Those Ticketmaster fees are legitimate. There’s a great post at Gizmodo that talks about why Ticketmaster fees are so high. The news isn’t going to be what you’re hoping for either. It turns out that many of those high fees you pay when buying through Ticketmaster isn’t really their fault.

Sure, some fees have to go to Ticketmaster. After all, they’re in business to make a profit. Ticketmaster – or any company for that matter – isn’t going to deliver you a ticket at face value without making a little bit of money. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to provide a service.

But, what about those fees that are over and beyond a basic “service fee”? Even Ticketmaster COO, Jared Smith, can’t quite explain what those fees cover. Because every single venue, performing artist/show, promoter, and city has different policies (or laws), there’s hardly ever a repeat situation.

It’s almost like Ticketmaster has to reinvent the wheel every single time they offer tickets to the public. However, Ticketmaster isn’t entirely naïve and innocent (of course, you already know that!). The company has realized that fans are willing to fork over the extra cash! After all, Radiohead, Taylor Swift, and The Phantom of the Opera don’t seem to have any problem selling out in minutes!

It used to be that the venues would pay Ticketmaster and other distribution companies to sell their tickets. Now, however, with performances so popular with consumers, Ticketmaster pays the venues! There’s one place your extra money ends up going!

Sound Like An Endless Cycle?

Well, it is. And, you’re losing every single time. If you’ve had enough with Ticketmaster and their fees – legitimate or not – then it’s time to look into buying discount tickets online through We’ll help you get the very best deal on the attractions and performances that you want to see most!

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