Popular Museums to Check Out

Looking for a little different reason to travel around the states in 2013? Well we’ve got an idea for you. Have you ever considered taking a tour of some of the best museums in the country? No? Well you definitely should consider it!

The US has some of the most amazing, weird, awe-inspiring, impressive, and unique museums in the world. We’re a big country with a wide variety of interests and that is definitely reflected in the amount and type of museums we have all over the country.

So what are some of the best museums you can check out on your museum tour? Let’s start with one of the most-visited museums in the country.  The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History gets millions of visitors a year. It gets this many people because it’s outright amazing. There are some awesome exhibits. Best of all, it’s free! Talk about cheap! In fact, all Smithsonian museums are free to enter so make sure Washington DC is one of your stops.

Another great museum to check out is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This is free, but you’re expected to provide a donation. Consider that your cheap ticket in! Like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History also prefers to receive a donation for entry but it’s a very popular museum too.

Another hugely popular museum is the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. There are plenty of diverse collections here and there’s something that everyone in the family will find interesting. It’s not free, so be sure to use us to help you get discounted passes or tickets to exhibits!

One last idea for the west coasters, check out the California Science Center. Like the Field Museum this place isn’t free either so get in touch with us here at DiscountCheapTickets and let us help you find cheap tickets so you can enjoy the museum even more!

Good luck on your museum tour if you decide to check some of these out; it’s totally worth it!

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