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Do you love traveling, but hate spending money on hotels, airline tickets, entertainment tickets, and other common expenses? If so, your friends at want to recommend one way that you can save a lot of money while traveling. Plus, you know that if we recommend it, you won’t just save money – you’ll have a great time!

Our money-saving tip for this week is all thanks to AirBnB. Many people are familiar with the idea of Couch Surfing. With Couch Surfing, users can find people throughout the world who are willing to lend a couch, spare room, mattress, or even just floor space to travelers.

AirBnB took that concept, made it far more upscale, safe, and glamorous, and is now a successful business. Essentially, with AirBnB, users can stay in an apartment or guesthouse at incredibly low rates.

Why pay high prices to stay in mediocre hotels with average service when you can stay in a full-sized condo for the same price? We’ve found swanky lodging options in the heart of America’s busiest, most popular cities at a fraction of the price many hotels and bed and breakfasts charge.

Plus, with strong security measures in place, you can be confident that the person you rent a room from is someone you can trust. AirBnB handles all of the financial security issues for you and your host so that you don’t have to worry about insecure credit card or personal information. Also, AirBnB does a great job at encouraging users to leave reviews and feedback on hosts, ensuring that quality hosts rise to the top of the listings.

Why would you continue to pay more for sleeping than you have to – especially with the great options offered at AirBnB? Check out this unique service today while prices are still low, and the community is still great!

Have you used AirBnB before? Share a testimonial about the service in the comments section below!

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