College Student? Are You Getting Your Cheap Tickets?

College students may have some hefty bills to pay for their education, but when it comes to entertainment, they’ve got some pretty amazing ticket deals available to them. If you’re a college student, chances are you could be getting discount movie tickets, symphony tickets, play tickets, and much more. We’re not just talking about tickets to campus events either. Most colleges and universities have deals with businesses in the local community to provide discount tickets to students. However, these deals aren’t always well promoted.

Check with your student services office to find out about specific discount tickets that may be available to you. Here are a few of the top deals we’ve heard of from college students around the country over the last few weeks…

Movie Tickets – Going to the theater isn’t cheap. Thinking about a date to the theater? With popcorn? And drinks?! Start saving. You might like to know that you can at least catch a break with your student services center. Many theaters sell universities discount movie tickets. All you have to do is pick up a voucher for $6 or so, and then redeem it at the theater for the movie ticket of your choice. Cha-ching!

Symphony Tickets – The fine arts are always interested in getting more college students to attend their events. Ask your student services center about getting last minute tickets to the symphony. Oftentimes, these events do not sell out. Leftover tickets are usually available for college students at dramatically reduced prices.

Sporting Events – College students are passionate about their sports. Plus, promoters would rather have a section of college students filling up the camera than a section of empty chairs. Your student services department might be able to hook you up with discount tickets if you just ask.

Have any suggestions of your own for college students? Share your tips with other Discount Cheap Tickets readers in the comments section below!

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