Washington, D.C. – A Free Ticket Mecca

If you love traveling and learning more about the world – on a budget – then you’ll love a trip to Washington, D.C. Our nation’s capital offers weeks of entertainment. From great museums and historical buildings to world-famous dive bars and quirky tourist traps, Washington, D.C. has it all. Even better, D.C. offers many of its museums and attractions at an unbeatable ticket price of $0.00.

Here are a few of our favorite Washington, D.C. attractions that won’t cost you a dime:

The White House: That’s right. You can go to the White House, home to the most powerful man on earth, and not spend a dime. The Visitor’s Center is open to everybody, but if you want to take a tour of the White House, you need to make a request through your Congress member and wrangle up a group of at least ten. Don’t ask us why; we’re just the messengers.

The Holocaust Museum: A truly sobering experience, this museum is hands down the best U.S. museum that commemorates and honors the victims of the Holocaust. Many people find the famous “shoe exhibit” to be this museum’s most moving feature.

The Supreme Court: People argue if the most powerful person in the world sits in the White House or resides in the Supreme Court. Either way, we think that this building and its lawmakers are quite the sight to see! Definitely make a trip over to this U.S. powerhouse while you’re visiting Washington, D.C.

Bureau of Engraving: Curious how paper currency is printed, stacked, etc.? Does the idea of looking upon more money than you’ll ever make in your lifetime appeal to you? Just imagine how workers at the Bureau of Engraving must feel! No matter what your stance on the should-we-abolish-the-dollar-issue? is, you’re sure to love the Bureau of Engraving. You might even walk away with a new appreciation for ol’ George.

What’s your favorite free Washington, D.C. attraction? Share your preferences and tips with other Discount Cheap Tickets readers in the comments section below.

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