How Do I Know I’m Getting a Good Deal?

As self-professed discount ticket experts, we get asked a lot of questions. If there’s one thing many novice ticket buyers want to know, it’s this: How do I know I’m getting a good deal? It’s a question we hear a lot – and for good reason! With all of the bogus fees that Ticket Master and other ticket brokering companies (yes, there are just a few others) tack on, it’s hard to know if you’re actually saving much money at all.

Can you really say you got a good deal when you paid $50.00 for a ticket that says $55.00 on the face? It depends on the event, but in our opinion, you very well could have gotten a good deal! Here’s why…

The figure that’s printed on the face of a ticket – any ticket (concert, sporting event, fine arts performance, etc.) – is rarely the price you pay. The only time you can get away with paying face value (as the initial buyer of a ticket) is if the event sponsors and venue are brokering the tickets themselves. Bring Ticket Master or any other third party broker into the equation, and that “face value” price is going to come with a few extra fees attached!

So… if you pay $55.00 for a $50.00 ticket, then, yes, you probably are getting a good deal. All of those processing fees, handling charges, and other add-ons don’t go away no matter what discount you have. The ticket broker is never going to budge on those fees. If they did, we’d say you are experience some exceptional circumstances! Let’s say that those fees for your $55.00 ticket are $10.00 (processing, shipping, etc). That means the ticket actually costs $65 after it’s all said and done. If you pay just $50 for that ticket, then you saw a savings of 23%, which is huge!

Sure, $50 for a $55 ticket might not seem like a big deal, but it’s important to remember the big picture. When buying discount tickets (or any tickets for that matter), you have to keep in mind the bottom line price – not whatever figure you see printed on the actual ticket!

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