Don’t Buy Discount Tickets for Terrible Movies

Obvious advice, right? Well, why is it that every year, millions of Americans get ripped off by the motion picture industry, paying their hard-earned money to see mediocre and sub par films? We believe that it’s an issue of online education. If you know where to look for online film reviews, you can save your money for great tickets, rather than spending it on terrible movies.

Here are a few of our favorite websites to check on movie reviews. With these resources, you won’t waste your time and money with another awful movie ever again…

Rotten Tomatoes is easily the best, most comprehensive online movie review source out there. The site is a reviewer aggregator that draws off of national, local, and syndicated media. You might be skeptical of what one reviewer says, but it’s hard to argue that 200 reviewers are all wrong. Each film is scored on a 1 to 100 level. Films that are rated 100 are rare on Rotten Tomatoes, but almost always worth seeing.

We also like Rotten Tomatoes because it integrates with users Facebook pages. When you visit the website while logged into Facebook, you can see which of your Facebook friends use the website. You can then check out their reviews, as well as a list of movies they want to see. A little creepy? Maybe. Helpful? If you have friends with good taste.

Metacritic is very similar to Rotten Tomatoes. The site is also a review aggregator. However, the one main difference is that Metacritic also offers reviews of games, TV, and music. If you like the idea of a one-stop shop for all your critical taste needs, then Metacritic might be the website for you.

IMDb. We’d be remiss not to mention this one. Learn more than you ever needed to know (in addition to reading great reviews) about movies you’re interested in. By the time you finish a full IMDb page, you might not even need to see the movie (viz. watch out for spoilers).

Discount movie tickets are great, but you can save even more money by not going to see awful movies. Read up, and save!

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