The Best Free Attractions in Boston

Here’s the thing about history: the people who love it really love it, and they want you to really love it, too. Tack that on top of the fact that it’s hard not to love something free, and Boston’s shaping up to be a pretty cool city for discount ticket fans.

Boston is packed with free, discount, and cheap tickets for everybody – history lovers or not. This week, the staff at Discount Cheap Tickets wants to share with you our four top free attractions in Boston.

#1 Bunker Hill Monument

… because you’ve always wanted to climb 294 steps for a view of the skyline. If you’ve never ventured up this historic monument, take the chance to do so. It’s a great workout, a great view, and it won’t cost you a dime.

#2 Sam Adams Brewery Tour

What’s not to love? The smell of fresh-baked bread (that’s actually beer), a free sample, and a retreat from the cold, at an unbeatable price of zero dollars is hard to turn down. In case you harbor some inexplicable grudge against Samuel Adams, check out the Harpoon Brewery, which offers a pretty similar package at a highly competitive price of $0.

#3 Hike the Freedom Trail

This is a simple self-guided 2.5 mile trail. However, the history that surrounds it is anything but simple. Download a free podcast to accompany you on the trail, or pick up some free information from the Visitor Information Center on the Boston Common. Take not of Paul Revere’s house and other historic landmarks along the way.

#4 Massachusetts State House Tour

90,000 people are doing it every single year, according to State House officials. As you can see, the people of Boston aren’t starving for free entertainment, so we’re willing to bet that there’s something to this tour of the State House! It’s the oldest building on Beacon Hill, and the most powerful one, too. Check out the 45-minute tour, but make plans for the off-season if you can.

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