Buying Discount Travel Tickets With Private Shopping Clubs

As you climb the winding staircase of a B&B, your thoughts begin to drift toward paddle boating on the nearby lake, the five course dinner being prepared below, and the horseback trail ride you’ll be taking tomorrow morning. You open the door to your room and find a chilled bottle of champagne, perfectly pressed sheets, and towels that seem to be still warm from the dryer.

No, you aren’t in heaven, you’re enjoying one of the most exclusive bed and breakfasts in the United States. And – even better – you only paid a fraction of the price to get there! How did you do it? Buy shopping the smart way – with a private shopping club.

What are private shopping clubs? 

A private shopping club works very similar to the way that restaurant and retail buy-in sites like Groupon work. You sign up to receive emails and notifications from the site. The site, in turn, negotiates with vendors (in this case hotels and other accommodations) to provide discounted rates to members. If enough members purchase the deal, the deal “is on,” and you can set yourself up with some awesome travel plans!

I don’t want to vacation with three hundred other people.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to! Let’s return to our B&B scene… when you purchased the deal, a couple hundred other people may have also. However, you receive a voucher that you can redeem at any time. You may choose to set your reservations for next month, or you may wait another six months. The same goes for everyone else who bought the deal.

When you shop with a private shopping club, you aren’t buying into some large group tour. Rather, you’re buying a deal that you get to use whenever you want to use it.

Where do I buy these discount travel tickets?

There are a number of websites that offer these types of services, but one of our favorites is Jetsetter.

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