Best Free Attractions in New Orleans

Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans has made huge strides of recovery. A large part of that recovery has been due to tourists who believe in the city and want to support it. While New Orleans still isn’t what it was in the pre-Katrina era, many people are still enjoying everything that the city has to offer.

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans, you can find discount tickets from a variety of businesses that are trying to attract more visitors to the city. However, there’s still plenty you can do and see for free! Check out our top recommended free attractions in New Orleans below.

Canal Street Ferry: This ferry ride runs out to Algiers Point on the West Bank and back, affording terrific views of the New Orleans skyline. This historic ferry has been in operation since 1827.

Mardi Gras: Mardi Gras this year is on February 12, 2013. However, the party in New Orleans starts a long time before the 12th! While you might end up spending money to have a good time, the experience of Mardi Gras is technically free!

Jackson Square: This recreational park on Decatur Street borders the French Market and other historic areas. Be sure to take in all of the sights and smells of the park, including beignets and Café du Monde. This is a great place for a little bit of downtime or post-Mardi Gras recovery!

Bourbon Street: Take a stroll down this infamous street that’s unlike any other Rue in the world.

Volunteer Your Time: Lastly, if you’re going to be in New Orleans for a week or more, why not use your time to give back to the city that has shown you so much? There are many organizations who would love to have your help – even for just a day – in rebuilding the city.

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