How to Buy Heavily Discount Cruise Tickets

When a cruise is schedule to depart, it departs. It could be only 65% full, but the cruise ship is obligated to fulfill its duties to ticket holders and take off. While the cruise line is still making money, they’re obviously making nowhere near the amount they could be if all of the rooms were full.

The cruise ship has essentially the same number of staff members, uses the same amount of fuel, and has to pay the same fees whether it’s 80% full or at max capacity. Obviously, cruise lines want to carry a full ship of passengers.

Here’s where you come in. Last minute cruises are a steal! You can book a cruise in the three weeks leading up to departure (especially in the off-season) if you know what you’re doing. And, it doesn’t take much to learn!

Generally speaking, booking anywhere from three weeks to three days in advance can save you up to 80% on discount cruise tickets. Even better – you receive the same service that full-price passengers receive!

Be warned that it’s virtually impossible to book a cruise in less than 72 hours because the cruise ships are required by law to report the names and information of the passengers they’re carrying 72 hours before departure.

Tips on Getting Discount Tickets for Cruises:

  • You never know when you might want to take off, so make sure your passport is current.
  • Do not fly to a departure city with the intention of boarding a last-minute cruise. You could end up wasting your time and money. Only book a discount cruise from a city you either live in or can drive to.
  • The first deal you see isn’t always the best deal. Search third party websites for prices on the same cruise and room that you’re viewing on the cruise company’s website.

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