The Ultimate Cheap Travel Accommodations: Hostels

Don’t let the horror movies or swaths of college students turn you off. Hostels are actually a great way to travel Europe, South America, and even the United States. You can spend days searching for discount airline tickets to your travel destination, but then lose all of that money you saved by paying for over-priced accommodations. Make your money work for you, and stay at hostels instead. There are a number of benefits (monetary and non-monetary) to sleeping in hostels…

  • Obviously the first benefit is the rock bottom price. It’s hard to even throw out a ballpark figure for the price of hostels because they vary so widely from country to country and city to city. On average though, you might find accommodations at a hostel for 25-50% of what you would pay at a baseline hotel. Sometimes, you can even get accommodations in hostels for as low as 10 euros a night.
  • Also, it’s worth pointing out that in most hostels you have the option of a private room. Of course, private rooms cost a little more than bunks, but not much more!
  • When you stay at a hostel, you’ll meet a ton of people. If you’re traveling alone, this is a really nice perk. Make friends and explore new cities with them.
  • Most hostels offer a kitchen and other facilities (such as laundry). You definitely won’t have this option available to you in a lower priced hotel. The kitchen bonus can help you save tons of money while traveling!
  • Book hostels online and in advance in order to get the most discounted rates. Also, if you’re traveling in an area during peak season, then booking well in advance is a must. Otherwise, you might not have a room, and will be forced to pay whatever prices are being charged for the few remaining rooms.

Think you know hostels? Think again. Try one out on your next vacation!

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