How to Buy Cheap Tickets on eBay

Everyone loves discounted and cheap tickets. And with the security measures that are now being enforced on online auction sites like eBay, it’s easier than ever to get cheap and discount tickets for the concerts, sporting events, and attractions you really want to see. However, it’s important you know a few things about buying cheap tickets on eBay so that you won’t get ripped off!

  1. Monitor Completed Listings. eBay makes it easy for you to view any auction that finished in the last 14 days. This is an essential first step because it helps you gauge what a fair asking price is. Not every event is going to have cheap tickets available. Demand drives price. If tickets are in high demand, you’re probably not going to find any cheap ones – even on eBay.
  2. Request to see pictures of the tickets. The seller may not feel obliged to respond to your request, but you really should see the tickets.
  3. Double check the seller’s venue map. Most eBay auctions include venue maps pointing out where the tickets are. However, anyone can make a mistake. Pull up a venue map from the venue’s official website to confirm that the tickets you’re purchasing actually are located where the seller says they are.
  4. Use PayPal Buyer Protection. Should anything go wrong with your buying experience, you need to have your purchase protected. PayPal Buyer protection can offer you protection on transactions up to $2,000.
  5. When buying digital tickets, make sure critical information isn’t visible. In our time, we have actually seen sellers on eBay reveal critical information such as confirmation numbers and codes that are only intended for the ticket-holder to see. Posting this information online in a public place like an eBay auction immediately ruins the ticket’s value as anyone could steal this information and use it for their own gain. Do not buy these tickets.

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