Fun Things To Do In Chicago

Are you planning a trip to the great city of Chicago? If you are, then you are in luck! There are so many fun and exciting things to do in the city of Chicago that you might not even know what to do first. If you are looking for discount tickets for attractions, check online. If you aren’t sure what to do first, look around online for that as well. Of course you can always start off by picking up a classic, authentic Chicago hotdog, you can catch a Cubs game at the famous Wrigley Field or even see the Bears play a game of football at Soldier Field. Remember, not all attractions in Chicago require discount tickets, some do require discount tickets, but a lot of things to do in Chicago are absolutely free! Here are a few things you may not have thought of when planning your trip to Chicago:

The Chicago Cultural Center

The Chicago Cultural Center is conveniently located at 77 E. Randolph Street. The Chicago Cultural Center is known as a historical landmark. The Chicago Cultural Center typically hosts over two hundred free events and exhibitions of art. If you are looking for a free music, theater or dance event, check the Chicago Cultural Center calendar of events, they regularly host FREE music, theater and dance events! No discount tickets are required for this attraction.

Chicago Archicenter

The Chicago Archicenter is a great place to visit while you are staying in the city of Chicago. The Chicago Archicenter is located at 224 S. Michigan Avenue. If you are interested in the architecture of Chicago, be sure to spend some time at the famous Chicago Archicenter.


Chicago is home to many great parks that are perfect for relaxation. The parks of Chicago cover a grand total of over 8,000 square feet of the city. All of Chicago’s city parks feature many trees, great landscaping and benches. Some parks even feature athletic facilities, wildlife sanctuaries and garden landscaping.


Chicago has many, many neighborhoods. The Greeter Program is a great program for people who really want to get to know the city of Chicago. Through The Greeter Program, visitors will be paired with locals of Chicago who will lead them on a customized, guided tour throughout the many vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago.

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