Discount Tickets: In Advance or at the Last Minute?

Some people love to plan vacations, and others prefer to make their way to a new place and then take the trip as it comes. While the planners have traditionally been thought to get the best deals, we’re seeing that last minute discount tickets can be just as wallet-friendly as cheap tickets bought well in advance.  Planners and more spontaneous travelers can both join the fun with cheap discount tickets to highlights in cities around the world.

Traditionally, most people think that planners get the best deals. They spend months mapping out the right destination, comparing places to stay, scoping out cheap tickets to shows and attractions, and reading online reviews for restaurants and things to do at night. Research shows that for people who like to plan, the planning and anticipation can be just as much fun as the trip itself! Some people use vacation planning as a way to relieve stress and look forward to a break or a new adventure.

Others travelers are more spontaneous. They might find planning to be stressful or just prefer not to think too far ahead. Some travelers love to show up in a new place, maybe with just a map or a guidebook, and see what happens. The non-planners often like to see where their mood, the weather, and recommendations from locals take them. They might hear about a great concert going on that night and try their luck at getting tickets at the door.

The good news is that both planners and non-planners can get discount tickets to shows, attractions, and museums. Planners who start looking early can often take advance of promotions, early discounts, and special sales around holidays. On the other hand, people who look at the last minute often can get good prices on tickets that haven’t sold.  Whatever your planning style is, check out discount tickets to have a spontaneous or totally planned out good time!

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