The Best Times to Buy Discount Tickets

Ticket prices for plays, concerts, and other special events can be surprisingly variable. If you’re at a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, for example, there is a good chance that you did not pay the same ticket price as the person next to you. There are a lot of factors that go into ticket prices, but timing can be a major factor in finding cheap and discount tickets to shows on Broadway, the Las Vegas Strip, and around the country.

There are two reliably good times to get cheap tickets: well in advance and at the last minute. If you’re a big time planner, start looking for tickets a few months in advance. Just like with plane tickets, event tickets are often inexpensive if you plan ahead and buy your tickets before most people are looking yet. If you’re planning a trip to a big theater destination like New York or Las Vegas, this should be fairly easy. If you’re staying close to home or are lucky enough to live near Broadway, set a reminder on your calendar a few months ahead of a big event that you might like to celebrate at the theater. Look online well in advance and you might be able to beat the crowd and get great seats for a Valentine’s Day show!

If you missed the window to get cheap tickets well in advance, it can often pay off to wait until the last minute. When theaters see that show dates are getting close and there are still empty seats, they often mark down prices to avoid losing money on seats that don’t get filled.

The time of day you shop can also be important. Ticket sellers know that people often look for tickets on their lunch breaks or on the weekends. Try looking online early in the morning and during the week to take advantage of lower prices and flash sales that might be over by the weekend.  Start looking now to see what tickets you can find!

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