Discount Tickets for Groups

Shows, concerts, and classes are a great way to have fun on a group outing or vacation! Discount tickets to a big show or event can mean that the highlight of your trip won’t take up your entire vacation budget. There are lots of great ways to get discount tickets to all sorts of shows in major cities around the United States. For group travelers, look into group discounts as a way to have fun with your group for less.

Theaters, venue owners, musicians, and other performers love to sell tickets to big groups. Group tickets mean that they get to fill a large portion of the audience with one sale, and they don’t have to worry about empty seats or selling single tickets. For more interactive events, like a comedy show, having groups in the audience can make the show more energetic and fun for everyone! If the audience is celebrating and having a good time, it can make the show more exciting and fun.

For these reasons, groups are usually in a great position to get discount tickets. The first way to find a group discount is to check online, either on the web site for the show you want to see or through a ticket vendor. You can often get great prices through ticket vendors. If you don’t see a group ticket rate, try calling the theater and politely explaining that you would like to buy several tickets for a special event and would like to request a group rate. You can also try this tactic if the theater only gives group rates for parties of ten, for example, and you have nine people.

With a great group rate on a show or special event, you’ll have plenty of your budget left over for other things like a special dinner before the show or a memorable gift for the bride-to-be.  Get your group together and start looking for discount tickets for your next big event today!

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