Four Wallet-Friendly Shows in New York

New York has some of the best theater in the world. On and off Broadway, stars flock to New York to perform in some of the world’s best-ranked productions and theaters. While tickets are always in high demand, savvy ticket buyers can get discount tickets to some of the hottest shows. Get discount tickets to comedies, dramas, and musicals to make your next theater experience a create one. Here are five shows that are making waves in the New York theater scene but won’t break the bank.

Jersey Boys is an energetic musical taking Broadway by storm, and advance tickets are offered at a great discount. The play, based on the lives and music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, reprises some beloved American music and has been a favorite with New York audiences for years. Jersey Boys is one of the most popular musicals in recent years.

Once, the musical based on the popular film, is drawing huge crowds on Broadway. It has won several Tony awards and has earned great reviews. Audiences also love this show! It is a hopeful, inspiring love story with touching characters and a non-traditional format with more dialogue than usual.

Chicago is another musical that corresponds to a popular film and has enjoyed continued Broadway success and critical acclaim. In this case, the musical had achieved both critical and popular success before the Oscar-winning movie was produced. The jazzy musical has a suspenseful storyline, wonderful dance routines, and catchy songs.

The Book of Mormon is an irreverent new musical from the producers of South Park and Avenue Q. It appeals to Broadway fans, lovers of comedy, and to many people who have never seen a play before. It is a touching, hilarious story of two young missionaries with an amazing cast.

These five shows are only a small selection of the many options New York’s theater scene offers. No matter what your taste, New York has something for you. Check out our Broadways shows to get your taste of Broadway at a great price!

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