Locals of Las Vegas Forget about Discount Tickets

It is easy for locals to forget about the attractions available to them all year long. While some people have to book flights and hotel rooms to visit for a few days, locals have the luxury of popping into some of Las Vegas’ famous attractions as often as they wish. Locals often don’t need to be coaxed into visiting places so close and therefore forget to look for online deals.

If you live in Las Vegas or near Las Vegas, remember you can save money too by looking for discounted tickets online. In some cases, by showing your Nevada ID, you can save money too. Some of the places Nevada residents receive discounts include:

The Adventuredome Theme Park at Circus Circus

Atomic Testing Museum

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Bodies: The Exhibition

Titanic: The Artifacts Exhibition

Pink Jeep Tours of the Grand Canyon

Shark Reef Aquarium

And many more

Even if there are attractions that don’t specifically advertise discounts to Las Vegas locals, there are plenty of sites online targeted to vacation-bound individuals where locals can save. Locals can save on live entertainment deals online just as easily as any other ticket purchaser. Just because you live in Las Vegas or Nevada doesn’t mean you can’t save.

If you live in Nevada and don’t often get to visit the city, it may be just as surprising to you as out-of-state guests. If you live in Nevada and want to spend a weekend in Las Vegas, check out deals and entertainment venues online. People from around the country and the world love Las Vegas for the gambling, live shows, and other sources of entertainment.

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