Tricks for Cheap Concert Tickets

There are a couple ways people can successfully get their hands on cheap concert tickets. Very few people ever consider earning a cheap ticket by spreading word about a concert. Sometimes, people are rewarded with tickets for advertising a concert or other show on social media outlets or plastering posters around town. If you are a frequent radio caller, you know there are limits on how often you win. If there is an upcoming concert you wish to attend, avoid calling the radio station for cheap prizes that may prevent you from winning big.

Don’t snort at all the people who get free tickets by listening to radio. How many times have you heard people winning tickets for sold-out concerts online just by calling the local radio station? If you call at just the right moment, you may end up being the right caller. To speed up the process, you can pre-program the radio to your phone. If miss the opportunity on your favorite radio station, other stations may be giving tickets away too.

If you are comfortable sitting alone, you can try waiting for a single ticket to become available. There is always a chance someone is up for selling one of their extra tickets. If you say you are interested, offer them the price you are willing to pay. If they decline and no one else is looking to buy a ticket, they will probably come back to you in order to get what they can for the ticket. For the seller, some money is better than no money and you got a ticket on a budget!  As a tip, carry some small bills, chances are the person selling you their ticket can’t make change to accommodate you.

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