Are Membership Fees Worth Their Cost?

Certain memberships have perks you may forget about unless you use them. AAA members often benefit with discount tickets where accepted. However, not every membership is worth the cost, especially if you don’t use the membership benefits enough to meet or exceed what you pay for your membership.

One of the world’s largest entertainment resorts is Walt Disney World Resort in Orland, Florida. Guests to the park have the option of purchasing Disney’s Annual Pass. Annual pass members are rewarded with benefits but the price of the pass is expensive. If you purchase the annual pass and don’t visit the park or only go once, you end up paying more for the pass than the benefits you have received.

No matter what your membership consists of, you have to weigh the benefits against the cost of maintaining your membership. If you can justify the cost of paying your membership fee, then you are probably benefiting from your membership. Some possible perks of being a member of amusement or theme parks is line skipping. If the park allows members first access, you can avoid long wait lines.

While you may not link them together, maintaining a membership to grocery stores or warehouses carry more benefits than just getting bulk foods. In the case of Costco or Sam’s Club, you not only have to be a member to shop, but only their members have access purchasing available discount tickets. Even if you only buy discount tickets once, you benefit from your regular shopping enough to maintain your warehouse membership.

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